Hide and Seek

I have talked before about the importance of communication when it comes to the real estate game, despite the fact it may not be easy. I have a lot of contact with agents and salespeople, and although I’m happy to say it didn’t come from anyone in the CENTURY 21 network, I did recently have a salesperson admit to me that they dread the sight of a particular phone number when it lights up on their mobile, and a certain name when it appears in their email inbox. I’m sure you can guess that it’s the number and name of one of their vendors.

As an agent, this is a terrible situation to find yourself in, and one that could ultimately end up in the vendor cottoning on to the fact they are being ignored (it doesn’t take much) and the listing could end up with a competitor. If the interactions are that stressful, a salesperson such as the one I was speaking to could possibly think losing that vendor isn’t such a bad thing, but losing anything you could have actively made work to a competitor is unforgivable, not to mention unprofessional, and is not likely to generate you any positive word of mouth or referrals. Suddenly answering the phone doesn’t seem like such a daunting task!

The key to dealing with what may be perceived as a challenging seller is knowing that their interactions with you are not due to a feeling of dislike, they just want to know you’re working hard for them to sell their home – possibly the most significant transaction they have undertaken. And this is completely understandable. Chances are their property is one of, if not THE, largest investment they have. Selling a home is a big deal and vendors can get anxious and unsettled and it’s understandable they’d like some regular contact and to be kept in the loop. When you’re dealing with property transactions day in and day out like we are in this industry, I have to admit you can become a little blasé at times about just what a large process this is. It is our job to make sure we never forget that, and you need to keep the seller’s feelings at the forefront of your mind. Easy ways to keep people informed are showing them the web hits on their property listing, point out other listings in their area to demonstrate competition or pricing differences, provide feedback from open homes, or just let them know there’s nothing new to report.

One agent I know likes to call vendors on a Friday to keep them aware that she will be working for them over the weekend, often she’ll actually drop by and drop off a bottle of wine for them to enjoy over the weekend as an early celebration of good news she is sure isn’t far off. This lady also sends hand written notes outlining what has and hasn’t sold, what’s new, and how many people have viewed their particular property online. Not only is that outstanding customer service, but its peace of mind for the vendor, and a guarantee that should they sell their next property, chances are they’ll go back to the same agent.  
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Kim Borg

Kim Borg wrote on 22/03/2009 7:46 PM

Agreed it is all about the customer !!! If you provide 100% genuine open and transparent communication & service standards then this issue shall not normally arise. As agents we have to put the Sellers Hat on some days and remember that they are not involved in the selling process like us on a daily basis. Informing your Seller of what to expect in the sales process and being consistent in delivering your service promise is the most important part. At times as an agent we do not like having to tell people the hard facts or the reality of the market but it is far better to discuss this ina professional manner than hide from the Seller..this is what separates the Professional Agent from the Amateur.

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