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As I made my way to the office this morning, I noticed how quiet the streets still are after the holidays. And that got me thinking about holiday homes. Mostly about how much I’d love to have one somewhere like the Hunter Valley, but also about the types of holiday homes that people invest in, how often they’re used, if the reality is as great as the thought (I find it hard to imagine it wouldn’t be) etc.


For the most part, Australians aren’t all that big on the holiday home. Whereas many British residents invest in holiday homes located in the likes of Spain and Greece, we’re in a country blessed with massive amounts of sunshine and capital cities that have great access to beaches and bodies of water. We already live in the type of places that offer exactly what the Brits are looking for in a holiday home location, which goes a long way towards explaining why the concept isn’t as widespread here. But for those people who do want a home away from home, the likes of Palm Beach in Northern Sydney are popular choices. People tend to look for a place that’s not so far away that you can’t escape just for a weekend, but that’s far enough from home that you do actually feel like you’ve managed to get away from it all.


Holiday homes can also offer great rental yields if you’re prepared to rent them privately, or through an organisation that specializes in managing holiday rental properties, but in this regard good promotion is the key. Another popular investment opportunity is buying into a hotel or resort complex where the owner is provided allocated time within their room or bungalow, but without the headache of traditional property management.

  If you do have a favourite spot that you return to time and time again, I can definitely see the attraction in removing the hassle of trying to find somewhere to stay. I wonder if there are any rooms for sale at my local pub…
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