Home security over the holidays

As we draw closer to Christmas and ready ourselves for a relaxing festive season, it is important for property owners to remember that this period can also present a heightened risk of theft and home break-ins, as people spend an increased amount of time away from home.  Property owners need to therefore remain vigilant, and take note of the various security measures that can be used to protect your property, valuables and loved ones. 


The following tips may assist you in securing your home this season. 


Inform your neighbours

When going on holiday, by simply asking your close neighbours to keep an eye on your property, you can help ensure that any unusual activity is noticed and that you are made aware of it.  You may also like to ask a neighbour to collect your mail, avoiding obvious signs of your absence being apparent from the street front. 


Set your home alarm system

With the rush of preparing to go on holiday, some people may forget to switch on their home alarm systems.  For those who have such a system in their property, it is important to ensure that it is on prior to your departure, as an alarm is a good tool which can serve to frighten away intruders. 


Hide valuables

Jewellery, expensive electronics and cash are unnecessary beacons that can attract unwanted attention to your property.  Ensure that valuables are out of sight during the holiday season to reduce the risk of your home being broken into.   


Avoid leaving obvious signs of your absence

Some obvious signs that a property owner is away can include prolonged periods of lights being off and curtains being drawn.  It can serve you well to leave some curtains open, and perhaps even install automatic timers for your lights (these can be purchased inexpensively), to create the impression that a property remains inhabited.          


There can be nothing worse when returning from a holiday to find that someone has broken into your property and stolen your valuable belongings.  By taking simple security measures such as those outlined above and others, you may be able to protect your home and prevent the theft that is so common during the festive season. 

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