How to sell your home quickly

When it comes to selling your home, ideally you’d like to have as much time to prepare as possible, allowing you to fix everything that needs fixing, clean everything that needs cleaning and perform all of the activities necessary to present a pristine property. 

Unfortunately situations can arise where people need to sell their properties quickly and the luxury of having time to ensure a property is perfect to sell isn’t always possible.  You may have just purchased a property and need funds to settle, or perhaps you are headed to a job in a far away location; whatever the reason, you need your property sold quickly and you don’t have a great deal of time to put a lot of effort into making it ready. 

If you don’t read any more of this blog post, be sure to understand the role of pricing.  Price is probably the most important element when it comes to selling a property quickly.  If the price is right, you will usually be able to sell anything. 

Now, I’m not saying that you have to lower your expectations to the point where you are practically giving your property away, I’m just urging you to be realistic.  This situation is not the time to wait it out for a buyer to come along who wishes to pay a premium to secure your property.  A sound assessment of the market and comparable property sale prices in your area will provide a good guide as to the range where your home may be purchased quickly.  Your real estate agent will also be able to make pricing recommendations. 

On this note, to sell a home quickly also requires a good real estate agent.  You will need somebody who can be honest with you, giving realistic guidelines as to where your pricing expectations should be.  It can also be helpful if the agent has some prior experience in a quick sales campaign.  The agent will be walking a delicate line – they will be drawing buyers in on the basis that you wish to sell quickly, however they need to avoid buyers making the assumption that you will settle for a low price. 

You may find that your house needs a little bit of freshening up before it is ready for sale.  An easy way to brighten things up may be to give your walls a fresh coat of a neutral coloured paint.  This will create the impression of space, freshness and openness, as well as giving potential buyers somewhat of a blank canvas for them to imagine their own lives in your property. 

Hiring some furniture could also do wonders to rejuvenate your property.  If your furniture looks slightly old and tired, some new, modern pieces could increase your property’s appeal to buyers. 

Selling a home quickly doesn’t have to be a hard exercise.  By giving your property an easy facelift, and keeping your price expectations realistic, you should find that a sale comes before you know it. 


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