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Flicking through any paper in the morning, it quickly becomes apparent how much of an interest Australians have in regards to all things international. The number of travel features in any given paper in particular, and the number of websites dedicated to Aussies broadening their horizons is astounding. As a nation, we are very big on staying a part of the international loop.


Being part of an international franchise I think about international property on a regular basis, probably more so than a lot of others. I’ve blogged about holiday homes before, and how in Europe for example the international holiday home market is much bigger business than it is here. Although the majority of us may not consider buying property overseas, I do think the type of housing you see internationally is very interesting. Location definitely seems to impact on style of housing and often you can pick a property’s location just by its architecture.


There are of course certain trends that transcend international boundaries, such as sprawling mansions by the beach, and high density living throughout inner cities across the globe. But then there are those stereotypical properties that we can instantly pick as being from certain countries. Think the London terrace house - although this trend has translated and the likes of Potts Point in my home town of Sydney boasts many beautiful terraces reminiscent of London, if you see a photo of a London terrace, its hard to imagine it being from anywhere else. The loft apartment conjures up images of New York for many, and white veneer and archways remind many of Italy. Driving from suburb to suburb you can certainly see international influences in many Australian properties and it just goes to show that whilst finding the perfect home is indeed a very personal thing, there are definitely distinct styles that nations tend to adopt en masse.


I personally prefer the property trend of the French to include expansive wine cellars in their homes, but until that becomes possible I’ll settle for our Aussie tradition of having a shed out the back. Perfect for those times when you just need to get away and that holiday home in Maui still isn’t in reach!

  Until next time, happy house hunting!     
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