Is it time to leave real estate?

I’ve discussed previously the importance of doing a job you love, and why I’ve been in real estate for so long. Similarly to many of us in the CENTURY 21 network, real estate is our passion, and we are lucky enough to love what we do. That said, it’s not unrealistic in the current economy to acknowledge that some agents are doing it tough, and as a result are also doing some soul searching when it comes to their chosen profession.


Even those of us who can’t image doing anything other than real estate sales can probably admit to sometimes wistfully thinking of regular hours and possibly even no weekend work – imagine! And in the current climate there’s no denying many people’s major concern is money. Many people in this industry got into it because they thought they could make a lot of money, but right now that’s not so easy!


Amongst even the greatest realtors, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find even one that can tell you exactly how to go about not failing. Not everyone, no matter how ambitions, smart, good looking, ethical, or motivated, can succeed no matter what, it’s just not possible. Local market conditions are beyond your control, and if there is high unemployment, tight money, and fear, these are difficult times for even seasoned professionals.


So when the going gets tough, the question becomes do you stay or should you go? It’s a big and important decision because the majority of people won’t return if they leave the industry. For those agents who have been considering giving up, just because you’re thinking about it doesn’t mean you should or even that you will. Every business should continue to reevaluate and respond to the market, and CENTURY 21’s approach of getting back to basics and focusing on what’s really important has been our strategy for dealing with the changing economic times. That said, if you’re thinking of leaving the industry more and more frequently and in a short period of time, it’s quite possibly a sign that you need to do some introspection. Being unhappy with the results you’re achieving is one thing, but being unhappy your with duties and responsibilities is quite another.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that now is not really the ideal time to rush into anything. With high unemployment plaguing many regions of the country, alternative employment may be hard to come by, and the thing about real estate is that once you are licensed and in good standing, no individual can stop you from conducting business. That makes right now the perfect time to solidify and establish yourself for when things in the market ramp up again. Down time is always the perfect time to strengthen your business.

  Real estate involves skill, but essentially it isn’t hard. What it is, however, is extremely competitive and highly demanding. It’s not an industry for everyone, and if your enthusiasm is gone, it’s probably time to go, but if it’s in your blood, like it is for those of us working at CENTURY 21, then you will always stay, even when times get tough, and you will always succeed.    
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