Keep cooling costs down as temperatures rise

It is no secret that electricity is set to become increasingly expensive for households, and as we enter summer and temperatures rise, the temptation to rely on air-conditioning, and thus use large amounts of energy, is hard to resist. 

According to the Australian Energy Market Commission in its report ‘Future Possible Retail Electricity Price Movements: 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2013’, over 2009/10 to 2012/13, national residential electricity prices are forecast to increase by 30 per cent in nominal terms, equating to an increase of approximately 19 per cent in real terms.   In order to combat such increased expenses, many prospective property purchasers and home owners could benefit from investigating and implementing low-cost solutions to keep a property cool. 

For those who are considering the purchase of a property there are several attributes that you can look for in potential dwellings, which become particularly important when the property is located in an area that experiences high temperatures.  Such aspects include tiled floors, existing window dressings (such as shades and curtains), and the existence of large trees in outdoor areas, offering shade to the property. 

For those existing home owners and investors who are suffering in the heat, there are several cost-effective ways to lessen your reliance on air-conditioning and thus reduce your energy costs.  According to the Victorian Government website Resource Smart, which offers advice for people looking to reduce their environmental impact, there are various inexpensive ways to keep a property cool in summer which include:

• The creation of external shades such as awnings, pergolas and plants
• The use of window dressings such as curtains, blinds and tinting
• Taking care with skylights by covering on hot days
• The use of ceiling and portable fans

To read more about these and other tips about keeping your home cool in summer, I encourage you to visit the Resource Smart website. 

There is no doubt that the temptation to use air-conditioning can be great in summer when temperatures are high.  However as you can see there are many cost-effective ways to chill your home without relying on the use of expensive cooling units.  With energy prices set to rise across the country, prospective buyers and property owners could find that they are able to save money by implementing alternative cooling solutions. 

For more information about properties in your local area please feel free to pop into any one of the hundreds of CENTURY 21 real estate offices around Australia to speak to a property professional. 

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