Keys to real estate success

regularly say that many of the rules that apply to any aspect of life apply to the real estate game – I’ve touched on areas like communication, honesty and common sense in the past in this regard. Another aspect is training. Like anything, ongoing learning is an essential part of life and should be actively sought by those wishing to be successful. That said, teaching someone something can be one of the most rewarding, and simultaneously one of the most frustrating things anyone can do!

At CENTURY 21, we pride ourselves on our training programmes because it is our goal to make sure that everyone in our network is delivering the high standard of service that people have come to expect when they see the name CENTURY 21. Interestingly over my time, I’ve noticed that some agents – and I’m not necessarily talking about CENTURY 21 here – just get it, and some just don’t. The ones who don’t are those who are so set in their ways, no matter how much training they sit through, they’ll eventually fail or at least do much worse than those who are prepared to move with the times.

The real estate industry is a constantly evolving one – you can see that much from my posts last week regarding the state of the market and the ongoing rate cuts we’ve been experiencing. The trick is to work hard, but also to work smart, and it’s important as agents that we do that. It’s also incredibly important as a buyer or seller of property that you find an agent committed to that philosophy!

I’ve also blogged before about how much I love this industry – if I didn’t, I wouldn’t still be in it after so long, and that’s the first step to success. You need an agent who believes in their ability to succeed, and their worth. This is a key quality for someone who you are entrusting the sale of your home to – believe me! This passion and dedication should translate directly to planning and organisational abilities, their follow up and contact with customers, understanding of the market, and the power to - and Nike so aptly put it - just do it.  

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