Learning from your mistakes

Ah the age old adage that you should learn from your mistakes. Some of us do, and some of make the same mistakes over and over. People also say that making mistakes is actually the best way to learn, and to a certain extent I agree – providing you do actually learn the lesson of course. And while all this is fine and dandy, at the time of being responsible for something going wrong, these little pearls of wisdom don’t make you feel that much better.

Even with all my real estate experience, I can admit that I still make mistakes. Of course it’s not very often, but on occasion it can happen. Regardless of how much training, experience and intelligence we have, the notion of human error is around for  a reason – no-one can do everything right all the time, and some of that has to do with individuals’ perceptions. When it comes to being a professional real estate agent, mistakes can be as simple as misjudging how frequently a client wants to hear from you. Some people have told me from their experience, if their agent has nothing to update them on, they don’t want to hear from them. On the flip side, other customers want to hear from their agent regardless of how little they have to say.   

Working in the real estate industry is an ongoing learning curve. Things can change rapidly, and adjustments have to be made. As a result, mistakes can be made too. But rather than viewing these situations as a negative, I think it’s much better to look at mistakes as an opportunity for growth and development. Some may even go so far as to say mistakes are a good thing for us, but again, this only rings true if you better yourself as a result.

Real estate is a constantly evolving industry and to be successful you need to roll with the punches and improve on your situation if you do find yourself the maker of mistakes. I know I’ve made my share, and I dare say I may make another (just one of course) as I continue down the real estate path I’m still journeying on.    
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