Making the most of a small backyard

Making the most of a small backyard

Many Australians love their backyards, using the space to entertain, play outdoors with the family and to enjoy the enviable Australian climate. Even if your backyard is on the smaller side, it is still possible to create a spacious impression. Here are some simple tips to make a small outdoor area more functional or enhance the space in preparation for sale.

Prioritising features
It is important to carefully plan your space before you dive head first into a renovation. Don’t attempt to cram all the typical features of a backyard into a small area. Work out what features are important, what you will use most and where they will best fit.

Hanging gardens
Rather than spreading out, consider spreading gardens up and down your fences and walls. Colourful flowers, vines or even herbs planted in hanging pots or baskets can add the feel of greenery to your outdoor areas without taking up too much valuable room to move.

Streamline your furniture
Avoid choosing large or bulky outdoor furniture and instead opt for a more streamlined look. Clutter should be avoided in a small space, so try not to fill your backyard with too much furniture. Choose pieces wisely, such as folding chairs or extendable tables that are stylish as well as functional.

Choosing the right colours
When choosing material such as pavers, decking or outdoor paint, consider embracing lighter colour schemes to create the impression of a more spacious area. Sometimes, it may also help to continue indoor colour schemes and decorative styles into the outdoor area, creating a seamless transition into what feels like one large space.

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