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Ah the green issue. Although I do believe the term sustainable has superseded the word green as either the more trendy or more correct phrase. Regardless of what you want to refer to it as, an increasing number of people are embracing a more environmentally friendly way of life, and that has an impact on more than just the planet. For those of us who work in real estate, we know that it’s affecting what people are looking for in a home, and what renovations sellers are choosing in order to capture this market.


But rather than just talk about the real estate implications, which I know I have done before, I thought I’d be even greener than that and talk about how you can make minor changes in your home to minimize your environmental footprint. Funnily enough the majority of green moves people make actually end up saving them money, so who knows, you could end up being able to buy the home of your dreams sooner if you take some of these tips on board!


The first one is easy – recycle. And I’m not just talking about putting your glass and plastic in the right bottle. I mean before you get rid of something, consider if it has another use in your home. Ideas like using wine barrels (and who doesn’t get through a barrel of wine regularly?) as fish ponds or outdoor tables are a great idea and give a new lease of life to something that would otherwise be considered rubbish.


Start composting. Using a compost bin will significantly reduce your waste. Many areas have compost collections, or start a bin in your own garden if you can. Not recommended for people living in apartments however…


Reassess your insulation and crank it up if you need to. This can help cut your heating and cooling costs and requirements, all of which will be viewed favourably by buyers should you come to sell.


Use as much natural light as possible. Light filled homes sell, and are more popular, and are often kinder to you as far as appearances go! Who wants to sit in fluorescent lighting at a dinner party? You’ll discover what your friends really look like! But seriously, if you’re renovating, consider a skylight to brighten dark areas in your home. It will impress buyers and will also help reduce your lighting bill.

Regardless of your personal opinion of sustainable practices and the green movement, it’s fairly obvious that going green is here to stay and is gaining momentum. As I said, not only are green homes greener (obviously) but they’re less expensive to maintain, and are increasing in demand. And when you’re in real estate, that’s not something you can afford to overlook.  

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Environmental Lifestyle Consultants

Environmental Lifestyle Consultants wrote on 03/02/2010 8:43 PM

I love a well lit home and those fluorescent lights are terrible. I was actually surprised at the amount of natural light that skylights let in. Of a night I use some well placed lamps to add bright light where I need it most and it also adds character to the room. Downlights in work areas for kitchens have been a lifesaver as well.

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