More real estate advice for tough times

Ah well since I’m on a bit of a roll with this whole advice to agents in a tough market theme, I thought I’d wrap it up with part 3 today. I am sure you have been itching to get to my blog every morning as a result, so here are the goods I know you’ve been waiting for.


We all know that the real estate market can be a cruel mistress and when things are tough, even the toughest real estate professionals can find it difficult to stay positive, and stay afloat! Those real estate professionals who succeed know which elements of their business will help sustain their work in these times know that the following are imperative.


Don’t go on conference junkets – make sure whenever you are attending something you are doing so with clear goals and intentions. The trip to the Gold Coast may sound fabulous, but make sure you’re not just lying to yourself about having a holiday. Get the most out of conventions by researching the attendees before you attend and setting yourself goals related to who you want to make contact with, then actually do it. Make sure your attendance results in new business!


Promote yourself! I mentioned yesterday that real estate agents not making use of testimonials are not making the most of their publicity opportunities. Let people know that you are an expert in your field! Not only should you be obtaining glowing referrals from your clients, you should also be speaking at events and promoting your stories to your local media.


Add value for your real estate customers. Consider offering free seminars in your office or a local venue or pinpoint those people you know would be great customers and invite them to a free session or take them to a real estate focused lunch.

True real estate professionals know that you can never give up and that when times are tough, the real estate game is when you really need to be at your peak. 

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