Mould prevention – make it a priority

As a homeowner, there is not much worse than discovering that you have a household mould problem. Because its presence can be extremely problematic, it is important to both recognise a mould problem before it escalates, and take preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of mould growth on your property.


Despite being easily fixable in many cases, the problem of mould commonly goes undetected or ignored by homeowners. Ignorance, however, is certainly not bliss in such instances; because although it may seem like a minor issue at first, mould can quickly spore and lead to a variety of health problems including sneezing, coughing, respiratory infections, nausea, asthma, allergic conditions as well as structural damage to the premises itself.


Mould prevention strategies


Here are ten strategies to help you reduce the chances of mould growing on your property:


1.       Keep a close eye on areas like kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, cupboards and poorly insulated walls or roofs. Mould grows best in places that are frequently damp, humid or insufficiently ventilated;

2.       Use or encourage your tenants to use extractor fans;

3.       Hang wet clothes outside, and if you have renters, ensure that clothes lines are made available to them.

4.       Ensure that roofing, guttering and plumbing is regularly maintained and repaired promptly;

5.       Make sure that all windows and internal doors are capable of being left open to allow every room in the property to be sufficiently aerated;

6.       If building, renovating or maintaining a property, try to employ mould resistant materials. For example, when building walls and/or ceilings use high gloss paint and install installation if possible;

7.       Provided you are comfortable doing so, keep blinds and curtains open during the daytime; sunlight restrains mould growth;

8.       If you spot condensation, wipe it off as soon as possible;

9.       Try to maintain even room temperatures;

10.   Vacuum regularly: Proper vacuuming reduces the chances of mould becoming airborne and reproducing.

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