Outdoor entertaining in winter

Outdoor entertaining in winter

Many people put off the thought of outdoor entertaining in winter. But if you can create the right ambience, the cooler months can be a great time for outdoor gatherings. Below are some tips to help create a warm atmosphere and throw a party that your guests won’t forget.

Make it warm enough
Warmth is vital when making your guests feel comfortable in winter. Depending on your particular outdoor space, fire braziers or patio heaters can provide ample heat. For some added cosiness, have a store of blankets ready to hand out to people who may still be feeling the cold.

Light it up
It gets dark early in the winter months, so having enough light is important. A combination of different light sources can look attractive and help to make sure that people can see each other. Strings of fairy lights, tea candles in jars and citronella lamps all work well together and can help to build a comfortable mood. If you are using fire braziers, these will also provide light.

Make enough space
Having enough seating options but not overcrowding the area is essential. Don’t be afraid to use picnic rugs, cushions or camping chairs if you run out of regular chairs. If you have the space, spread out the seating so that people can stand up and mingle if they want. If you are working with a smaller space, try to keep seating to the outskirts so that there is open space for standing and walkways.

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Sasha wrote on 30/07/2015 1:38 PM

I love the idea of picnic blankets to share around your guests. Cozy atmosphere and more casual too!

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