Positive Attitude, Positive Market

With the stock exchange beginning to rally (well, at least it has been more regularly lately than in previous months!), and a growing perception that the real estate market is beginning to recover (albeit slowly, I’m not going to deny we still have a long way to go), it continues to remain imperative that everyone involved with the industry keeps a positive frame of mind.

At the end of the day, real estate is a day to day business, and some days you’re on fire and some days you’re a little off your game – and that’s without even considering the state of the economy! Although many are spinning words of doom and gloom, the economy we are living in is still thriving in many ways. The fact there is still movement – and a lot of it – in many suburbs and price brackets of real estate shows that if agents are doing the right thing in marketing their business, staying in touch with their customers, and ensuring service is paramount, there is still money to go around. Customers who may be holding off on buying or selling currently will make their way back to those agents who have put in the hard yards during the slower periods.

At CENTURY 21, we pride ourselves on providing clear, accessible and expert advice, and that type of attitude and level of service is certainly not dependent upon the economy. The network is also committed to building a culture of fun, and this positive mindset flows down to everyone in the company, in every franchise, and that in turn is the impression we hope our customers are left with.

At the end of the day, when a positive atmosphere and attitude is encouraged, which it is at CENTURY 21, enthusiasm becomes contagious, and enthusiasm breeds positive feelings. It is indisputable that positive emotions are transferred to customers, and happy customers mean more sales. The economy may have an impact on business, but the attitude and level of commitment of an agent and his/her team certainly impacts more!  
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