Professional building inspections – an important step in the buying process

For many Australians, the purchase of a property is one of biggest, and likely most expensive, commitments made over the course of a lifetime.  It is for this reason that it is important to take certain steps to eliminate as much uncertainty as possible from the buying process. 


I have always held the opinion that professional building inspections are an important step in the property buying process.  By having a qualified professional evaluate a property under consideration you will likely find yourself in a better position to make an educated and informed decision about the value you feel comfortable assigning to a property and whether or not to go ahead with the purchase. 


A thorough building inspection prior to the purchase of a property can reveal much about a dwelling that may not be immediately visible including potential issues that could result in the need for repairs in the future.  Having a professional inspection could thus be considered a safeguard – giving you the information needed to feel comfortable in your purchase decision. 


In addition, a property inspection can also highlight the attractive aspects of a property, such as superior construction, the use of good quality materials, and other excellent features associated with the dwelling.   


It must be remembered that the resulting report from the inspection you have conducted should be taken in the context of the property’s age.  Not surprisingly, as a property gets older repairs and maintenance may likely be needed, and these should be considered when making the final decision to go ahead with the purchase.  


I have come across buyers in the past who feel comfortable conducting a building inspection themselves in order to avoid the additional cost it adds to the overall purchase of a property.  However, unless the person conducting the inspection has the appropriate and necessary qualifications and insurance in place, it is recommended that a professional be appointed to the task.   


There are numerous, qualified property inspection companies operating all around Australia.  A good starting point to find a reputable, professional business to use may be to enquire with a real estate agent who should have a list of suggested contacts they have worked with previously.  Again, it is important to make sure the professional appointed is qualified and insured appropriately.  


Ultimately the decision as to whether or not to have a professional building inspection conducted prior to the purchase of a property is completely up to you – the buyer.  However in the long run, the added comfort of knowing the true state of the property you are buying – both the positive aspects and possible issues – in the context of the property’s age, helps to ensure you are comfortable with the purchase price and reduces the potential for any surprises to arise in the future. 


Whether you end up going ahead with a property purchase or not on the basis of the results of the inspection, the important thing is that you had the necessary information at hand. 

For any further information about how to go about having a professional inspection conducted on a property of interest, please feel free to contact any of the CENTURY 21 offices around the country for accessible, clear and expert advice

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It is good to know step by step on making some building inspections on the property you like.

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