Protecting your home when going on holiday

With the weather getting warmer as we approach summer, I am surrounded in the CENTURY 21 office with talk of holidays.  I must admit, I too am getting excited at the prospect of enjoying Sydney’s outdoors over summer with some time away from my desk. 

Whatever you have planned, whether it be an extended overseas holiday or simply a few long weekends away, it is important to make a few easy preparations to your home to ensure that you return to find it in the same state in which you left it. 

Robberies are rife in summer, especially around school holiday time.  As many people go away at the same time, most thiefs are aware that there are a reduced number of watchful eyes to put a dampener on their plans to break into properties.  

Thieves will be on the lookout for any sign that the occupants of a dwelling have not been present for a number of days.  By taking some precautions, you can reduce the telltale indications that a thief looks for to determine whether or not you are away. 

Firstly, be sure to cancel or have a friend or neighbour collect all regular delivery services that fall within the period of your absence.  After all, nothing signals ‘not home’ like a build up on your front doorstep.  Such deliveries may include your mail, newspapers and milk. 

It is often wise, if possible, to keep a car parked in the driveway of a house.  An empty carport or driveway over a couple of days can serve as an instant signal to a thief that nobody is at home.  At least if a car is in the driveway, your property may not be so immediately obvious to anybody with undesirable intentions. 

Keep the curtains in your home at varying stages of openness.  While you don’t want to leave curtains wide open so that people can see right in, closed curtains for extended periods can also indicate that the occupants of a house are away.  Having some curtains open, some closed and others halfway often creates the impression of activity in a home, as though people are coming and going. 

Finally to ensure that you return to a welcoming home after a relaxing trip, make sure you take care of certain things before you leave.  Ensure that any pets are being minded, remove any products from your fridge or pantry that are soon to go off, and make sure that any bills which will fall during your holiday period are paid before you leave. 

Then, all you have to do is relax and enjoy your much deserved break. 

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Albert wrote on 15/10/2010 2:12 PM

The weather in Adelaide and Perth in summer is also great!!

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