Queensland Floods

By Charles Tarbey

I, along with my colleagues at CENTURY 21 Australia and the majority of Australians, spent last week watching the Queensland floods unfold, shocked by the appalling devastation caused by the floods.

There is no way that I can even begin to imagine the terror, uncertainty and loss that those affected by the horrendous conditions in Queensland have experienced over the past few weeks.  Yet in an exhibition of true Australian spirit it has also been a time when we have seen the very best in people as they pull together to help each other through this incredibly difficult time. 

I felt very proud and privileged last week as I heard about the great work that our flood affected franchisees carried out in Queensland and the support they received from their fellow franchisees around Australia.

One of many examples is how the staff at CENTURY 21 Vision Emerald were flooded out of their office, yet worked around the clock to make sure their tenants were safe, relocating fifty families to flood free properties.  Our office in Toowoomba, CENTURY 21 Marsden Realty have also been working hard to arrange repairs for rental properties. 

Our support and thoughts are with all those affected by the Queensland flood disaster now and into the future as the cleanup begins.     

I urge everyone to donate to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal by going to http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html or by phoning 1800 219 028. 

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