Raising the bar in real estate

There’s a little saying that pops up on our internal system sporadically and it’s “there is little, if any, traffic on the extra mile.” I think that’s very true. Most people appear to be quite content with status quo, and not many strive to raise the bar for themselves once they have hit a comfortable plateau.


In sports (I am lead to believe) coaches often demand more of their teams than some people seem to think is reasonable. Sportspeople are pushed to raise the bar and act like they’re performing in the real thing throughout training. When it comes to real estate, we are always operating in the real thing! But instead of having a coach, we real estate agents need to be pushing ourselves to raise the bar. Some of us are lucky enough to have an outstanding real estate professional as a mentor, guiding us through the ups and downs of the real estate process, but most of us are the driving forces behind our own success.


I have been blogging recently about the difficulties real estate agents face in a volatile market, and being able to raise the bar for yourself is one way you are more likely to succeed. Expect more from yourself and your business, and your customers will see that you are truly a real estate professional. I have said before that not everyone is cut out for the real estate game, and continually raising your own bar is one way to prove that you are.  


Real estate agents who succeed are the ones who push themselves to deliver more to their customers. Are you returning phone calls and emails? It sounds simple, but nonresponsive real estate agents is one of the most common gripes buyers and sellers have. If you’re not giving 100% to your business all the time, you need to raise the bar.

If you’re not going the extra mile, your business is less likely to grow and you are less likely to succeed. Challenge yourself, raise the bar, and reap the rewards.  

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