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Last night I was forced to sit through a variety of TV shows about doctors and nurses while I was hanging out with my teenage daughter. Funnily enough her favourite scenes were the ones that included characters with nicknames like Dr McDreamy and of course the apparently timeless George Clooney who I was told is like, totally hot in a doctor’s coat. I believe one scene in particular possibly used slow motion, where an incredibly attractive woman had her life saved by the previously mentioned hot doctor and I was told off for laughing at such a stereotype. And then I realized how many clichés have been applied to those of us in the real estate industry over time, and I stopped laughing. 



I’ve mentioned in my blog before that certain industries do attract a certain type of person – to somewhat of an extent at least. And whilst many stereotypes may ring true in some cases, many of us painted with the same brush aren’t too pleased about it. The clichés of the real estate industry are certainly in that category. 

For many of us at CENTURY 21, we can admit that the actions of our industry predecessors have resulted in the clichéd agent that springs to mind when a lot of people think about real estate. Images are conjured up of the fast, flashy car-driving agent, typically a white haired middle aged man dripping with gold…sorry, just had to remove all of my rings to keep typing…who will happily spin doctor the biggest of details to make a sale. Does this type of agent still exist? Sadly I have to say yes, but for the most part the answer is no and I am proud to say that the CENTURY 21 network is full of committed, professional experts who are dispelling this type of cliché in their everyday dealings with customers. 


However, the clichés also don’t stop with the people in this industry; there are catch cries that people in the property market hear time and time again. “Bring your paintbrush” for example. I have gone to inspect a home that required me to “bring my paintbrush” and it turned out not only did I need that, but a bobcat, jackhammer, an apprenticeship in joinery and the ability to relay a concrete slab would have also been useful. Even if a cliché gets people in the door initially, they won’t stay inside very long - a lesson many of us have learned from our predecessors, but sadly one that some agents still need to be taught.   

I know from being in this game that when you’re making as big a decision as which home should be your new abode, you want to stay as far away from stereotypes and clichés as possible, and you want professional service from a real person with genuine advice. As much as what I’m about to say sounds like a cliché, these people do exist in this industry! Dedicate the necessary time to finding out enough about your prospective agency and you will be sure to avoid becoming part of the cliché. We’ll keep trying to make the stereotype a thing of the past, but in the meantime when you do come across one, at least it will provide a bit of a laugh.   

Now, where did I put my gold chain?

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Arthur Jamieson

Arthur Jamieson wrote on 23/03/2009 5:57 PM

I was just thinking about Real Estate Cliches and you’ve really helped out. Thanks!

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