Report identifies possible reforms to achieve housing solutions

There has been no shortage of attention paid to the continued residential housing supply and affordability concerns shared by many Australians over the past year.  To this end, the independent body, the Grattan Institute, recently released a report that proposes reforms to potentially address the issues facing the national residential property market, largely focusing on planning at a community level. 

The Grattan Institute’s new report, Getting the housing we want, proposes reforms to change what is built to better match what Australians say they want, while enabling residents to take an active role in shaping their neighbourhoods in partnership with the housing industry and government. 

The report builds on insights gained from a previous Grattan Institute report, The housing we’d choose, which showed that contrary to stereotype, Australians want a mixture of housing choices – not just detached houses. 

Key reforms proposed within the most recent report include:

• The creation of opt-in Neighbourhood Development Corporations that bring together residents, developers and governments to oversee significant development in an area.  These would be independent bodies with real powers over planning and delivery and would enable residents, developers and bodies to plan together and then act. 

• Government encouragement of high-quality smaller developments which make up the bulk of new housing in many established suburbs.

• The forming of a new Small Redevelopment Housing Code to establish clear standards for housing of two storeys and under which (depending on lot size) contains between two and 10 dwellings; these dwellings would get planning approval within 15 days if the Code’s standards were met. 

“Our cities are at a critical point in their development,” said Grattan Institute Cities Program Director, Jane-Frances Kelly on release of the report. 

“We need a fresh start that helps Australians get the housing they want and gives residents a say in the future of their neighbourhoods and cities.”

The report certainly raises interesting points and sheds light on some various possibilities available for Australia to improve the national housing situation by focusing on planning at a very local level.  For more detail about the contents of the report it can be viewed at the Grattan Institute’s website.   

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