Retirement real estate

Retirement real estate

As many older Australians close the chapter on their working lives, turning the page to a well earned retirement, their property needs may change.

For some, they may not have encountered the need to buy or sell for a long time, whilst others may be looking for a very different type of property to spend their retirement in. Providing informed advice will be incredibly valuable to seniors, helping to ensure minimal stress during this transitionary period.

Knowledge of what property would be suitable for seniors in your area will be important. Keep in mind demographics of certain locations or properties that provide access to facilities, including transport, shopping centres, places to socialise or health care services, which may rank highly on their priority list.

Avoiding assumptions
Whilst many seniors may be seeking a smaller, more manageable property, this may not be the case for all. Others may be cashing in on substantial retirement savings and seeking more space as they engage in new hobbies, want to entertain large family gatherings or build flourishing gardens. Avoid making assumptions about what types of properties retirees may be looking for and where. Rather, clearly define their objectives and match them with your local market knowledge.

'Sea changes' and 'tree changes'
The desire to make a bigger move may be a dream that can become a reality when retirement has arrives. The search for coastal or country properties is a common one, therefore extending the borders of what is offered outside city centres can be a valuable endeavour in the eyes of senior clients. This may mean if you are selling a retiree's property, a referral to other CENTURY 21 agents that cover sea and tree change areas may be highly valued.

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