Save energy at home this winter

As winter approaches and with it often some very cold days and nights, it can certainly be tempting to rely on appliances such as heaters to stay warm.  Unfortunately, such increased use will likely also result in larger costs over the period. 

Having said this, CENTURY 21 Australia believes that both property owners and tenants can successfully mitigate potential increases to energy costs at home this winter through the implementation of simple energy saving measures. 

“Many Australians are already seeing their cost of energy go up as a result of rising regulated energy prices.  Add to this the increased consumption that is often seen in colder months, and many people might find themselves facing unexpected financial burdens this season,” said Chairman of Century 21 Australasia, Charles Tarbey. 

“Having said this, there are many simple ways for households to reduce their energy use, often involving an adjustment in mindset and behaviours.”

One such modification could be in the way that Australians use the standby settings on various gadgets around the home. 

According to a study released in December 2011 by the Australian, State and Territory, and New Zealand Governments, entitled ‘Third Survey of Residential Power Consumption of Australian Homes – 2010’, “while newer individual products on average are using less standby power, many individual products continue to use more power in low power modes than is required to perform the desired function.”

As such, CENTURY 21 encourages home owners and renters alike to try to avoid the use of standby power options on appliances and home entertainment and office equipment, including televisions, game consoles and computers, as a means of lessening energy consumption this winter. 

“With cold weather fast approaching, the results of this study are particularly relevant as many households may experience a peak in their energy usage with increased reliance on heaters, clothes dryers, electric blankets and the like,” continued Charles Tarbey. 

“By simply making a conscious effort to turn off appliances and gadgets as opposed to leaving them on standby, as well as other measures such as switching off unnecessary lights, there may be an opportunity to achieve significant savings on your energy bills,” concluded Charles Tarbey. 

For further information about energy savings in the home, or for other general queries about residential real estate in your area, please drop by your local CENTURY 21 Real Estate office to speak with an experienced property professional. 

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Energy Saving Switch wrote on 24/09/2012 2:59 AM

Good advice on saving energy!

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