Secrets of happy people

I thought today I would blog about something other than a topic directly related to real estate. It relates a little bit to working in real estate, but it also relates to other aspects of life – basically, what does it take to be truly happy? I’ve posted before about how important it is to be happy in your job, and happy in your workplace, because ultimately happy employees are often the best employees.


I think it’s fairly safe to say It’s pretty safe to say that if you took a quick survey and asked people what would make them happy, you’d probably get a lot of responses along the lines of being wealty, being famous, owning prestigious toys etc. And whilst there’s no denying I’d be incredibly happy if I suddenly found myself the owner of a new Bentley and a mansion in the South of France, these types of things aren’t really what happiness is about, are they? If we’re truly honest with ourselves, often the answer is no.


It’s important to put steps into place to achieve what you know will ultimately make you happy, and if that is the money and the big house then by all means start working towards that, but sometimes it’s a simpler process.


Happy people tend to know what really matters. When I was deliberating about a home purchase or travel in my younger years, I once had a friend ask me “if you found out you were going to die tomorrow would think glad I bought that house, or glad I saw Europe?” and such a simple way to examine my quandary made began to make me realize what makes me happy. Similarly even if it is a bit macabre, it’s a good way to assess what makes you happy when it comes to relationships, your work etc.


Be clear about your goals. It can be overwhelming when you start considering what you want to achieve in your lifetime. Limit the number of big projects you take on every year which will make them more achievable – a goal like getting into shape for example – and then make time to ensure you are actively working towards what you know will make you proud of yourself, or happier.

Steer clear of negative people and negative energy. Happy people tend to attract happy people, and some of that is through effort. Surrounding yourself with inspiring and motivating people is likely to rub off, make you less likely to be negative about yourself or others and less likely to make excuses for not achieving what you intended to. Make time to do the things that make you happy and they will soon become a regular part of your life. On that note, I might get myself a wine…


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