Selling Property at Christmas time

For many of us the festive season has begun. According to David Jones it began back in September I believe, but the rest of us have finally caught up. When it comes to real estate, Christmas is an interesting time, and by all accounts this year it looks like a very busy time for the property market. It seems that many do consider a new home for the new year and our Century 21 real estate agents are still as busy as ever – things definitely aren’t winding down for us!

As much as we real estate professionals love a busy festive season, Christmas also introduces an interesting scenario for sellers. Even if you are selling your home, you still want to enjoy a decorated house and a Christmas tree, and basically everything fun that denotes Christmas in a home. But if your house is on the market during the holidays, people tend to wonder if they should minimize the decorations, or go all out to really bring home the festive atmosphere and the warmth of the home.

Your real estate agent should be able to advise you but I am pretty sure their advice will be this – and it’s the same as the advice you should be getting regardless of when you’re selling – your home should look tasteful and uncluttered. If that means culling a few of the decorations for this one year, that’s what you need to do. You may need to keep the decorations to a minimum, because as much as you may live them, prospective buyers are entering your home to look at the house, not your attempt at Santa’s grotto.

If the festive season is totally your thing, and reducing the Christmas trimmings in your home is a bitter pill to swallow, at least be reassured by the fact that it’s likely to be worth it. Buyers that are out in December and early January tend to be serious about buying. Those people committed to purchasing property over the festive season rather than taking holidays away or time to do nothing usually mean business, and if you are a buyer, you’ll be pleased to know that some sellers are keen to get their house sold before the end o the year which means the process can often be an easier and more beneficial process for all parties involved.  

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling property this festive season, don’t forget to make the time to have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! 
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Tamara Duffy

Tamara Duffy wrote on 15/12/2011 4:15 PM

yes, good advice for anyone who's looking to sell at xmas time

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