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As opposed to going away on holiday, people often take some time off over summer simply to stay at home, perhaps enjoying local attractions or just relaxing.  This extended time in the house over daytime hours sometimes sees people consider their homes in a different light – perhaps noticing an overgrown garden or an ageing interior theme. 

It is therefore common during this time for new renovating projects or decorating ideas to spring to life.  Many of these are started immediately and completed over summer, while others are placed on a to-do list and revisited every year. 

It is with this summer decorating mood in mind that I thought I would share with you an article that I came across the other week from the Paint Quality Institute that considers new painting technology and how it can benefit your home. 

Cool down
For starters, many readily purchasable exterior paints are now formulated to reflect the heat of the sun and reduce the surface temperature by up to 5?C.  Not only will this help to keep your home cool, it will help you to reduce the energy you consume through air conditioning, fans and other temperature reducing equipment. 

Environmentally friendly
You are now able to paint your home with the reassurance that you are not having a negative impact on the environment.  According to the PQI, over ninety per cent of paint sold in Australia and New Zealand is water-based acrylic paint, which has less of a detrimental impact on the environment than solvent-based paints. 

New technology is allowing paint to improve and maintain the way your home looks over time.  PQI says that as well as being a UV blockout and a mould and mildew inhibitor, some new technology exterior paints are formulated to resist the dirt and pollution that works its way into the paint surface, breaking it down over time. 

Additionally, paints are performing well and for longer, which means that while painting your home may seem like a large task and an investment now, you can be assured that if you choose paint with a long-term performance guarantee, it will most likely be a worthwhile exercise. 

So if you find yourself embarking on a painting project this summer, I suggest you spent a bit of time in your local paint store discovering the new technologies that may be available to you and how these can benefit your home. 

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