Stay home if you're sick!

If your workplace is anything like mine, there seems to be a lot of sick people about. All the time. Granted in Sydney I can understand that when the weather shifts so dramatically from day to day as it has recently, people can catch colds and flus easier than normal. But what I can’t understand is those people who stagger to work practically on their deathbed to prove a point about what a committed worker they are. Stay home! I don’t want what you have!


In real estate, like most businesses, you need your staff in tip-top shape to perform properly. Real estate is a people game and real estate agents need to be people persons. This rarely involves coughing and spluttering over prospective clients or requesting that your customers raise their voices to be heard over your nose blowing activity. I understand that if you’re committed to your job that you don’t want to let a little cold get in the way of you achieving your goals or keeping your commitments, but if you’re unwell enough that other people notice, chances are you’re doing more damage than good.


Professional realtors don’t need to make their commitment known by showing up when they’re really not well enough to do the job at hand. Real estate requires a hands on approach, and no-one wants the hands of a contagious person on them! People may think they’re being a bit of a hero showing up to work when they’re too sick to be there, but usually the rest of the people you work with are silently cursing you for potentially spreading your germs around.

Although I am not one for scaremongering or panicking unnecessarily (unless I’m out of wine of course) I have to admit that recently the types of outbreaks we’re dealing with internationally means that people should be even more careful before diagnosing themselves with being well enough to work. We only just recovered from the swine flu episode and bird flu also isn’t too distant a memory, which means that you trying to be a super trooper and show up to work regardless of how unwell you’re feeling could actually be  a lot more detrimental than you think.   

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