The crazy world of real estate

I find that in every walk of life you come across very interesting people. There are certainly some interesting people in the city I spend most of my time in, and I guess it’s just laws of probability that mean the larger the population, the more there is of everyone, including the people who are a touch more out there.


I’ve blogged before about the fact that like in many occupations, real estate tends to attract a certain type of person. I’ve also mentioned previously that a lot of the necessary qualities to make it as a real estate agent are very good ones – passion, commitment, drive and serious work ethic for example. But at the end of the day, we are all still individuals and everyone has something, if not many things, that makes them unique.


I was reading about one such unique person just this morning – a person who happens to be a real estate agent - in what I think was a fascinating article. This piece was about a real estate agent that believes his vegetarianism makes him more trustworthy than his meat eating counterparts. What a concept! This agent is based in the San Francisco bay area, and promotes his eating habits as the main reason vegetarians selling their home should list with him. So dedicated is he to his cause in fact, that his website is called Veggie Reeltor. Not sure about the spelling of realtor there, but when the guy bases his whole sales pitch on his rejection of meat, it fades into obscurity somewhat. 


On his website, this vegetable-only eating real estate agent asks if it would be important to vegetarian clients to have an estate agent who is also vegetarian. Apparently this is a clear indicator of shared values and how you relate to others, and he also asks “why should the real estate profession be the exclusive domain of meat-eating right-wing conservatives?” I’m not sure your food choices automatically dictate your political opinions, but he’s demonstrating one of the above mentioned traits of successful real estate agents – passion, and he’s got some great testimonials on his website so I shall reserve judgment.

And in the wise words of my mum, each to their own, so who am I to judge really anyway? And on that note, I’m off to a steak house.     

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Vicky Chrisner, Keller Williams/Leesburg, VA

Vicky Chrisner, Keller Williams/Leesburg, VA wrote on 05/08/2009 11:04 AM I think I know this guy! What's his name?

Great post!
Paul Mylott

Paul Mylott wrote on 05/08/2009 11:12 AM

I don't like to say, but google the name of his website and you will certainly find him!

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