The Digital World

Teenagers love technology; it can be an easy method for them to connect to their friends, family and the world around them. But with the rise of technology as a part of everyday life there has also been a rise in the risks associated with the use of technology. 

Below are some tips that may help to provide a safe environment for your kids in the digital world.

1.       Be in control.

Many parents buy mobile phones for their children so that they can keep in contact while they travel to and from school or when out with friends.  If you do purchase your child a mobile device, remember that you have the final word in how and when it is used.

2.       Talk to your children.

Your children should understand that it is not safe to give any personal details or pictures out to people they do not personally know.  In order for this to happen, it may be helpful to have a continuing conversation about internet safety. For pre-teens or younger teens try not to let them have a computer in their room and try to ensure they use the internet somewhere you can see what they are doing.

3.       Get to know the technology.


It can be difficult to keep up with the avalanche of new apps and social media sites that are created so try to be proactive in knowing what tech choices your kids have available to them.  Also, make sure you know what social media sites have age restrictions and make sure your child does not hold an account if they legally are not of age (generally sites such as Facebook and Instagram require users to be 13+ to create an account).

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