The power of positive thinking

The economy is certainly still a hot topic, evidenced by most of my recent posts, and for those invested in real estate, and for those who are considering investing in real estate, the impact on the market is also a hot topic. Understandably so. Real estate is one of, if not THE, largest investment most people will make in their lifetime. Despite that, I am pretty sure that almost everyone is a little sick of hearing about how tough times are.


When you’re in this industry and for as long as I have been, and as long as CENTURY 21 has been around, you realize that a good real estate agent is one with a lot of positive energy; someone who has experienced the ups and downs of the real estate cycle over the years. It is this experience that allows these real estate professionals to successfully navigate their clients through challenging times.


Finding the right real estate agent is an important part of the real estate process, and you’ll notice that just like in other aspects of life, if you’re around a negative person or situation long enough you start becoming negative yourself. For this reason, it’s crucial that you choose to work with an agent who has a positive approach to real estate and life in general. When you surround yourself with positive energy, it’s a fair assumption that positive things will start to happen – certainly more so than if you’re spending your days with people channeling Eeyore’s outlook on life.

Reports are showing that consumer confidence levels are on the way up, and that’s important because it’s a major factor in turning things around. As much as many of us scoff those who spruik the power of positive thinking, there’s actually something in it. When it comes to the property market, an experienced agent is likely to have succeeded over the years because they're very good at helping people envision how happy they will be at selling or buying a property. Good agents have the ability to think ahead and think positively to see an outcome or opportunity. What often sets one agent apart from another is a certain mindset.

You’ll often find that the best real estate agents are those who are able to overcome adversity by telling themselves a more positive story than others. I’m not talking about fabrication or fallacy, but what I mean is that instead of being the victim, these people see themselves as fighters. As real estate professionals, we may not be able to control market conditions, but we can certainly influence the outcome of our clients’ story.
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