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Moving house is often said to be one of the top 10 stresses in life. However, we all have to do it sometime, and usually several times over a lifetime. With organisation and forethought, moving house can run like clockwork and cause the least possible stress to all concerned. Just follow this ultimate moving house checklist full of essential moving tips to ensure a smooth, chaos-free move. 

Four to six weeks before moving day

Get quotes from removalists (in writing), select your removalist and book the day of removal for the day after settlement on your new home. Be sure to get moving transit insurance to cover all your household goods while in transit.

Using a floor plan of your new home, determine where all furniture will be placed on arrival. If anything won’t fit in your new home (e.g. your fridge is too large to fit in the kitchen) sell it before moving to reduce costs. 

Start collecting boxes or buy removal boxes for packing. Large zippered plastic storage bags are also a boon for packing linen and clothing. You will also need a large roll of bubble wrap for wrapping delicate items and artworks, several rolls of duct tape or other strong tape and indelible marker pens for labelling boxes. 

Start packing all items you can go without for a few weeks, such as books, decorative items and out of season clothing.

Organise a garage sale or charity pick-up to dispose of any goods you don’t want to take with you. 

Arrange to have your mail redirected to your new address and alert the Electoral Office of your new address.

Book children into their new schools or day care centres. 

Put important legal documents and small items of value, such as jewellery, aside to carry yourself during the move.

Arrange final inspection of your current home with your real estate agent for the week before settlement. 

Arrange for utilities set-up at your new address and home and contents insurance from the date of settlement. 

Two to three weeks to moving day

Returned all borrowed items such as library books and DVDs.

Prepare everything you will need for moving day such as a kettle, tea and coffee, snacks, basic bathroom necessities and cleaning equipment.

Start cleaning your house thoroughly ready for the final inspection and/or book professional cleaners. 

Arrange final readings of gas, water and electricity meters. 

Discontinue any delivery services, such as newspaper delivery.

Organise items you will need most urgently on arrival at your new home so they will be unpacked first. This should be anything you will need on the first night before all unpacking is done such as sheets and quilts for beds, basic cutlery and crockery etc.  

Confirm all details with your removalist and ensure they have all necessary contact details. 

Clean up the garden, water pot plants you are taking with you lightly and pack into plastic-lined boxes. 

Have a final clean-up and take all rubbish to the tip. 

The day before the move

Defrost the fridge and empty any contents you wish to take with you into an Esky filled with ice. 

Do any last minute vacuuming, mopping and dusting and mow the lawn. 

Prepare a welcome note for the new home owners with any relevant information they may need to settle in comfortably. 

Unplug all appliance cords. 

Set aside all items you are taking with you personally where the removalists will not touch them.

Farewell your neighbours. 

On moving day

Provide your removalist with parking information at your new address and a furniture placement plan.

Alert the removalist as to which items, such as beds and essential kitchen items, should be packed into the removal van last so they are the first you can access on arrival.

Do a final check that everything is in order, pack anything left into your car and lock all doors and windows.

Give all keys to your real estate agent to give to the new owners. 

Get ready to say ‘hello’ to your new home!

If you follow the above moving house checklist you should find your move goes smoothly with no last minute panics. If you are dealing with a Century 21 agent, either as a vendor or a buyer, don’t hesitate to ask their advice on any detail of moving house you are not sure about. They are ready and willing to help you out with moving tips and advice to reduce the stress of moving to your new home. 


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