Things to think about when you move

Moving is documented as one of the most stressful events a person can live through, even for a real estate agent. It can be totally traumatic at times and even in the best scenarios, exhausting. In case you don't already have enough on your mind when planning a move, here are a few more thoughts to consider when you’re thinking about your moving date deciding on who to help you move.

If you’ve recently sold your home, the list of things you need to do before you leave can seem endless, and you need to keep in mind that packing your stuff into that moving truck is probably not the last step. Although it’s tempting to think you can clean your home yourself once it’s empty, after the effort of getting your house empty, it might be wise to get professional cleaners through.   

You should also try and time things so that the new owners aren’t rocking up to move in at the same time you’re still desperately trying to get out! I have friends that this happened to, and it’s not a great situation for either party.


If you really want to minimize the hassle of moving, considering using a removalist service that will pack and/or unpack for you. Some people are a bit funny about other people boxing up their possessions, but some removalists will actually insist on it for insurance purposes, so keep this in mind. This can ring true more frequently for bigger moves like interstate or overseas, and moving locally can be a very different experience. These factors obviously also have a big impact on price, and moving can be a costly exercise. Again, how much this affects how you do things varies from person to person, and I have friends who, after abysmal self-moving experiences now insist on using professionals every step of the way. Others would rather save a few hundred dollars and do the whole thing themselves. Like every aspect of real estate, it’s a very personal thing!

Keep in mind that every move is going to be a different experience to your last, and that all removalists are not alike. It does tend to get easier the more often you do it, but really, who wants to move often enough to perfect the art?   

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