Three tips for building a relationship with your agent

Three tips for building a relationship with your agent

Establishing a strong relationship with your agent can help set you on the right track if you are looking to buy or sell real estate. Here are three tips that I believe to be useful for cultivating a relationship that is mutually beneficial.

1. Don't wait for them to call you
You may have sold your home through the agent before or met them at an open home or auction. However, this does not mean that the agent is automatically going to contact you if an opportunity arises. Don't be afraid to call them, talk business and ask about the market.

2. Be honest
Telling your agent exactly what you want will go a long way in establishing a relationship of reciprocal trust and honesty. An agent will likely appreciate your honesty and will be able to better understand your needs. In turn, they can work with your requests to formulate realistic expectations and work towards achieving these outcomes – whether it's being honest with what they think your home can sell for, or whether your dream home can be found in your price range.

3. Ask questions
Don't be shy to take advantage of your agent's expertise. A good agent will be happy to communicate with you, regardless of the fact your personal real estate knowledge may be limited or extensive. Showing keen interest can encourage your agent to keep you updated on all stages of the buying or selling process. Having a chat with your agent in person or over the phone can be the best way to do this and will also build rapport in the relationship.

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