Three tips for successful renovation

Three tips for successful renovation

After weeks of watching success after success on your favourite renovation show it can be tempting to jump head first into your own DIY renovation project. But before you go taking a sledge hammer to your kitchen walls or pulling up your floorings on a whim, think carefully about what it is you want to achieve.

DIY can quickly go from exciting to overwhelming, so it pays bucket loads in peace of mind and sanity to plan your renovations. These three simple planning tips can be the difference between a renovation dream or horror story.

Get the right lifestyle fit
Think about how you live in and use your home on a day-to-day basis. You might love the idea of a big open plan kitchen and dining area- but if you hold a lot of dinner parties, do you really want your messy benches and pot filled sinks on full display while your guests eat? Think carefully about your lifestyle and how you use your home, and renovate to suit your true needs.

Spend wisely
Think about what you are putting your money into and focus on renovating areas that will add value to your home and quality of life. Updating bathrooms and kitchens will always have a positive impact on family life and at sale time. You don’t have to spend huge amounts either, simple and cheap solutions like having existing tatty or ill coloured counter tops, sinks and showers can have a huge impact without a huge spend.

Set your home up to change with the times
Your home and its dressings should reflect who you are and the life you live, but keep in mind how quickly styles can change.

It can be a good idea to keep flooring, wall colours and cabinetry on the neutral side of things and to then add personalised, contemporary, on-trend or colourful touches with the furniture, wall art and soft furnishings- this will allow you to update your rooms with minimal expense in the future and as styles, trends and even your tastes change.

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