Time for Australian property owners to get serious about energy efficiency

There’s no doubt that energy costs represent a significant expense for Australian households.  And with already expensive energy prices looking to rise substantially over the next few years, as well as an impending carbon price, it seems that there is no better (or more prudent) time for property owners to assess the ways that household energy consumption can be reduced. 

CENTURY 21 Chairman and Owner, Charles Tarbey, recently said that there is a high likelihood that the coming years will see Australian households pay larger amounts for their energy.  With this in mind, he commented that the property owners who can proactively put energy reduction measures in place now will be able to mitigate any price increases in the future. 

Home owners should also note his additional comment that energy efficiency measures can also increase the value of a property – giving owners added incentive to review all options available for a particular property. 

With advancing technologies as well as the benefits that can be achieved as a result of simple mindset modifications, home owners can now choose from a variety of measures to reduce their at-home energy consumption and increase levels of energy efficiency.  Such options range from low-cost behavioural changes to more capital significant solutions such as solar PVC. 

And as Charles Tarbey rightly points out, even actions as simple as converting to more energy efficient light bulbs and educating family members to turn off lights and televisions when not in use can have a substantial impact on costs. 

When going through the process of exploring household energy efficiency options, home owners would certainly be wise to seek the appropriate professional advice.

For more information about the value that increasing a property’s levels of energy efficiency can add to your home, please don’t hesitate to visit one of the hundreds of CENTURY 21 real estate offices around Australia to talk to an experienced property professional. 

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