Tips for maintaining a healthy garden all year long

In the interests of your property’s curb side appeal, it is important to properly maintain your garden – no matter what season you’re in.  With winter gradually approaching, there are a number of simple steps that property owners can take to ensure that their gardens remain thriving and aesthetically appealing throughout the cooler months. 

1) Avoid over-moving your lawn: lawns are often mowed too much in the winter months which can lead to a significant decline in their quality. To avoid this, you may want to consider allowing your lawn to grow a little longer than usual in the months leading into winter; this will help the soil to retain its warmth – something that is needed for a healthy and even-growing lawn; 

2) Plant for spring: for those looking to maintain a colourful garden over winter, there are several durable flower options than may help to do the trick. These include, but are not limited to, pansies, snap dragons, carnations and sweet violas. These flowers should last throughout winter and bloom during spring, provided that they’re maintained properly;

3) Consider bare-rooted plant varieties: the cooler months can potentially offer some cost-savings on garden maintenance. Australia’s dry climate means that bare-rooted plant varieties often survive longer due to the lower evaporation rate. Nurseries will also often significantly discount the price of bare-rooted plants because of increased stock levels. The term ‘bare-rooted’ simply refers to any plant or shrub that is sold without soil or a pot; 

4) Amend your soil profile: another important component of preparing your garden for year-round appeal is the integrity of your soil. Soil needs to be refreshed regularly in order for plants to receive maximum nutrition. There are a number of ways that you can amend your soil’s profile such as adding blood and bone to promote growth, using manure to improve nutrition, and spreading mushroom compost around the roots to ensure robust absorption. 

Australia’s subtropical weather conditions can sometimes wreak havoc on a property owner’s garden. However, through employing these few simple preparatory steps, you can increase your chances of having a garden that grows and flourishes all year long. 


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