Tips for selling your home in the winter months

I probably sound like a broken record, but who can believe how quickly time is flying? It seems like only yesterday that I blogged about how best to approach selling in the hotter months.  Now there is that distinct chill in the nighttime air that can only mean winter is fast approaching.

Interestingly, people often shy away from selling during the colder times of the year. I think there is often an assumption that as other sellers will be waiting for the busy activity of the warmer months, so too should you.  Although I can understand the thinking, this view tends to frustrate me a little bit.  

Why not embrace the quieter competition that the middle of the year usually offers? There will always be active buyers in the market at any time.  Think of those who sold properties in February and March who will now be looking to buy before settlement periods end.  Or people who have been house hunting for an extended period – they won’t stop looking just because it’s winter!  The reduced competition may mean you end up with a better price than if you’d sold in the high volume warmer weather. 

Throughout my time at CENTURY 21, I have seen some great ways of making properties seem more attractive in the winter months.   A good start is to make sure all outside areas are tidy.  This means raking up leaves and clearing away any dead flowers. 

Let in as much natural light as you can during times that prospective buyers are inspecting your property.  Curtains, shutters and blinds should be opened wherever possible – this simple act will make rooms feel more spacious regardless of the weather outside.   Try to also ensure that windows and light fixtures are sparkling clean. 

Mirrors are also very effective in making your home feel and appear much more open.  This is true in summer too; however the daytime grey that often accompanies rainy winter days can require a little bit more effort to combat.  Create a feeling of space by positioning mirrors opposite windows and in especially dark rooms.   

If your interior needs a fresh paint, try to avoid dark colours, which will simply make a room feel smaller.  And if it’s a bit chilly outside, turn up the heat! You want people to feel as at home straight away.  But try to make sure the temperature is comfortable – some people tend to get nervous if they start to perspire. 

My CENTURY 21 colleagues and I really do believe that selling your home in the colder months can have significant advantages.  If you’d like to sell your property, or would just like some advice on timing, please pop into one of our many CENTURY 21 offices nationwide for a chat! 

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Paul Cox

Paul Cox wrote on 03/07/2010 9:43 AM

Winter time doesn't stop people buying a home in Orange even when it's cool frosty and sometimes below zero. Some homes sell better in winter particularly those that have plenty of beautiful big windows to the North where the warmth of the sun beams right in. Heating systems in Orange are designed to make a home cosy and warm. When you go in to 20 degrees when it's just 7 degrees outside you really do get a warm and fuzzy feeling. Some of our better sales results have also occurred during the winter months of August and September. So warm it up let the sun shine in and get on with the sale.

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