Tips to find the right real estate agent

Tips to find the right real estate agent

Choosing the right real estate agent to sell your home is an important task. When you list with an agent, you are entrusting them with the sale of what is likely to be your most valuable asset.

To help you navigate agent selection, here are three key things to do before you list with an agent.

1. Look for "Sold" signs, not "For Sale" signs
Many people make the mistake of choosing an agent who has the most "For Sale" signs displayed. I believe that potential sellers should look for the agent with the most "Sold" signs. A good measure of success for a real estate agent is not how many properties they list, but rather, how many properties they sell. If you pick the agent with the most sold signs, you are likely to pick the agent with the most success in the area.

2. Conduct field research
Once you have identified a shortlist of agents or agencies that you are interested in, try to observe them in action. Attending the open homes and auctions of those agents will give you a chance to chat with them as a 'potential buyer' and see how they might approach a sale. Take particular note of how they greet viewers, how proactive they are and how they engage with other visitors.

3. Check results
Do some research into the agents' sales history. Find out how many properties they have successfully sold over the last six months and the sale prices they attained. This will help you to find out if the agent is achieving strong results.

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