Tips to sell your home this spring

As the sun comes out and the weather heats up an opportunity arises in real estate to show a property to its fullest potential. 

Although your physical property will remain the same regardless of the time of year, there are certain features that people seem to be drawn to depending on the weather.  With knowledge of what buyers will paying attention to, vendors can highlight or improve these aspects of their home. 

For properties in areas where the temperature can soar, try to ensure that your property gives prospective buyers some relief from the heat.  There can often be nothing worse than going to inspect a house on a 30 degree day only to be greeted by a stuffy, sauna-like property. 

Take the time to make your home an inviting refuge from the outside heat.  You’re already ahead if your home has air-conditioning, just be sure to test the unit before the day of the inspection to ensure that it is working properly.  If you don’t have air conditioning, perhaps position some fans in various spots so as to generate the flow of air through main areas.  At the very least, be sure to open a few windows and doors to help increase ventilation. 

The extra light that accompanies summer can also be used to your home’s advantage.  Ensure that your windows are clean, allowing light to stream through unobstructed to illuminate your interiors.  If there is any painting required on the inside of the property, aim to choose lighter tones which will help to increase the feeling of spaciousness. 

It is natural in summer for people’s thoughts to turn to the outdoors.   Many buyers will thus be more excited than usual about the outside areas of your home, for example the entertaining area, pool and spa and general backyard. 

Try to focus the attention of potential buyers outwards by making these areas as attractive as possible.    Tasks like removing all leaves from the pool and spa, and keeping lawns mowed and hedges trimmed will illuminate how attractive your outdoor spaces are. 

As well as keeping things clean and tidy, you may also find it helps to show prospective purchasers how functional your property can be.  The simple act of placing an outdoor family setting in your backyard could highlight to people how their lives may be enhanced through the buying of your property. 

Spring is a time for freshness and rejuvenation and is a fabulous opportunity to show your property to its full advantage.  Flowers are in bloom, the weather is usually agreeable and everything in the garden that perished during winter is often coming back to life.  Try to make sure that your home is clean and tidy so that it matches the freshness of feeling given off by the surrounding environment.     

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