Tricks to real estate success

For most of us, being deceived by someone isn’t a positive thing. Unless we’re talking about Santa, the Tooth Fairy etc, because of course that kind of trickery doesn’t count. What I’m talking about is deception when it comes to business, and although this may sound like a bad thing, sometimes it’s not.

What I mean is that sometimes in real estate, like other businesses, you need to lie to yourself a little. Of course when you tell yourself little fibs, you already know full well that you’re telling porkies, but amazingly it has actually been proven that lying to yourself can promote, more efficient work habits and practices. And that ultimately makes a better real estate agent. 

White lies such as falsifying deadlines can have a great impact on the amount you get done and your timeliness. Change the dates or times for your key activities, such as returning calls, to well ahead of time, or how about promising yourself a half day if you get through more than you usually would in a day? We real estate agents know that of course we’re unlikely to ever get an extra day off really, especially considering most real estate professionals work 6 days every week, but if you can convince yourself of your own little lie, you are likely to find yourself cramming more into your day than you would have otherwise.  

Although the short term effectiveness of fibbing to yourself may get you out of a pinch, and make you even more of a star real estate agent than you already are, in the long run, it’s not really a substitute for hard work and building smart work routines. But when you’re in a tight spot, a little bit of self-deception can be a handy little pick-me-up. 

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