Welcome to the autumn real estate season

After a whirlwind start to the year, we now find ourselves in autumn – which has traditionally been a very busy time for real estate in terms of listings coming onto the market and sales achieved.


The reason for this activity is often attributed to a number of different factors.  For some people, it could be that a resolution was made to downsize, upsize or completely relocate at the beginning of the year, and come March, those who were serious about their decision are now ready to take the plunge.  Alternatively, now that the cooler months are approaching and summer holidays are drawing to a close, some people who have been thinking about making a property decision may feel they are now more ready to do so.   


While the past year in the real estate market has shown that we can’t necessarily rely on the concept of ‘cycles’ in residential property in terms of the waves of activity we may have historically seen, this autumn selling season will no doubt prove to be interesting and showcase a range of high quality property purchase opportunities available across the country. 

For people looking to sell over the next few months, it is important to note that the weather at this time of the year can often present a challenge.  With a greater likelihood of inclement weather conditions and the natural shedding of leaves by trees, it can be easier for your home, especially houses, to appear messy.  Try to maintain regular upkeep of your property, particularly in the period before open for inspections.  Be sure to give yourself more than enough time before showing your home to rake and clear away any leaves, fallen branches and the like.

For those prospective buyers seeking property purchase opportunities over the next few months, try not to be put off by unpleasant weather conditions. It’s surprising, but a rainy day can see inspection numbers fall, with many people deciding to put off the property search until another time. 

Rainy days are often actually ideal times to visit a property of interest, as if others have stayed away, you will likely have more time to ask questions of the agent and to explore the property without interruption. 

With March fast drawing to a close, we will soon find ourselves at the peak of the autumn real estate season.  I wish all of those who are either seeking to sell a property, or secure a suitable purchase (or both) the very best of luck. 

For more information about residential property in your suburb, please feel free to stop by your local CENTURY 21 office for expert, clear real estate advice. 

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