What People Want

Figuring out what people want is the bane of many an existence. This was on my mind as I drove to work this morning because I am having trouble deciphering exactly what it is my teenage daughter wants me to do after we have an argument – the cause of which is of course always my fault. What women want is a perpetual mystery and source of angst for males everywhere, and when it comes to my work, what buyers want is the constant focus for sellers and real estate agents alike. There’s no doubt that just as there are trends in every aspect of life that influence what you want, trends in real estate dictate what is and isn’t in demand on the market.

There are often surveys conducted to determine what buyers are demanding, which impacts on builders as well as vendors. When you’re actively engaged with the real estate market in the way that our CENTURY 21 Australia Agencies are, these trends are obvious even without referring to the findings highlighted in these surveys. Some of the most noticeable trends of late are related to technology, but in varying ways. For example, the trend of buyers demanding home cinemas has diminished and whilst the push for plasma screens and wall mounted units continues to rise, dedicated home theatre rooms are becoming a less important factor in the home purchase decision process for many in the market for a house.

The internet is also influencing buyers, and not just in the search for property. As the importance of online capabilities grows in many aspects of peoples’ lives, so does the demand for broadband access at home. Still on the technological front, home security is becoming increasingly important and home automation is beginning to creep up the list of priorities too, although as yet not enough people are comfortable with their home anticipating their every move to make this a truly high demand feature yet.

Encouragingly, more and more people are also looking for ‘green’ features in a home, or are prepared to spend money after purchase to add these types of features to a property. Not an easy decision when a property purchase is usually an expensive exercise in itself, especially in currently volatile market conditions, but one that has to be made more often as we face ongoing climate issues. Sheesh, you’d think one crisis at a time would be enough! 

I’ll be talking more about green property tomorrow, and until then I’ll be working out how to get back into my daughter’s good books…  
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