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In the real estate industry, there are a lot of husband and wife teams around. Many real estate offices contain a partnership within a partnership if that makes sense, and it’s certainly true around the country for Century 21. Many of our franchisees run family businesses and so it makes sense that many of our franchise owners go to work with their significant other. This is a work concept that I find quite fascinating. Working and living with one person seems to be a bit of a big ask, but so many of our real estate professionals do it, and do it well, that maybe it’s actually a good way to live.


On the flip side, I can also understand why so many people shy away from the idea. If you have problems at home, can you ever really leave them there and work together like things are fine? Be honest! I think the answer is no. And when you work together all day, it must be easier to get into the trap of only ever talking work to each other – is there any down time, or do you ever actually get to switch off? I am sure people in these relationships have methods for dealing with these things, but it seems a difficult task. Plus there’s the concern you’d just plain get sick of each other.


But I can also see how these partnerships happen, and why they are maintained. Many hard workers, and definitely those in the real estate industry, know that the hours can be long, and 6 day weeks are often a given, meaning the opportunity to meet a significant other is actually restricted to the workplace. When you’re constantly working, free time can become a rare luxury and the chances of meeting someone outside of work is slim.

 But regardless of why you get into the working with your other half scenario, be mindful that work is still work, and as difficult as it may be not to let your little snipes, or your little pet names and smoochies enter into it, chances are there are others around you who are desperately hoping you won’t.  
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Lorenzo Milanez

Lorenzo Milanez wrote on 11/11/2009 9:23 AM

Bacana o post.
Aqui na CENTURY 21 Milanez também é uma imobiliária familiar.

Bons negócios a todos,

Lorenzo Milanez
CENTURY 21 Milanez
Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil

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