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The markets are like the tide; they go out, but will always come back in. Many Agents and Vendors got the pricing wrong on the way up and many will equally be wrong on the way down. The difference is we are delighted to be wrong on the way up. Agents and Vendors need to detach from the Price and focus on the Process. They need to provide an Energy and Tenacity with strong systems to attract the right buyers and tenants by building the confidence. Leave no stone unturned, and accept when inquiry drops that maybe the buyers and tenants are still there but at a level below your expectations. It’s about staying positive, persistent and embracing change. Home owners should be making decisions based on facts, current sales and lettings, current competition in the market; not the agent’s opinion or emotion. A lot of out of area agents get this part wrong by under quoting or over quoting with their opinion of what is happening in “their” immediate area. Vendors should see offers as part of the process and not the end of the road. So often the premium price has been achieved because the owner has been able to identify a great offer when it’s on the table. Fast and effective follow-up and an in-depth approach to Vendor and Purchaser feedback and service is required. It’s the agent’s ultimate responsibility to ensure this is achieved.