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CENTURY 21 Brand

Join forces with the powerful CENTURY 21 brand

CENTURY 21 was established in July 1971 in Orange County, USA. We've dedicated our professional time to growing the CENTURY 21 brand into a leading international force in real estate. CENTURY 21 is listed on the US stock exchange and as a business continues to perform exceptionally in 70 countries around the world.

The CENTURY 21 brand expanded in 1988 to establish the Australian-owned arm of our global real estate network. The current Chairman and Owner, Charles Tarbey, has run operations since his appointment in 1995 and helped expand CENTURY 21 to become the most recognised real estate brand in the world. CENTURY 21 continues to grow and cement its place as being the largest real estate sales organisations across the globe.

If you'd like to know more about the history of CENTURY 21's real estate brand or for further information on joining our franchise program, call our team today on (02) 8295 0600.

Global Reach & Recognition
Marketing Power
Public Relations
Social Media

We're a recognised real estate brand with a global reach

  • Over 7,100 locations
  • Over 3,000 in the Asia Pacific region
  • Over 112,000 salespeople

CENTURY 21's global reach means we have access to the latest technology and international real estate markets. In addition to this, we're at the forefront of word-class innovations and training programs that are not only designed to enhance individual skills, but to revolutionise the way you do business.

CENTURY 21 is the most recognised real estate brand in the world and we're constantly increasing our presence in 70 countries around the world. Our For Sale Signs are the most globally recognised, our jackets are iconic and we truly do stand out from every other real estate organisation.

To speak to us about joining the CENTURY 21 franchise, please fill in the enquiry form below or call our team today on (02) 8295 0600.

We've got the marketing power you need

CENTURY 21's proactive, integrated, marketing activities and support ensures that your office will benefit from exposure across major media outlets nationally and locally.

This exposure is what has driven CENTURY 21 to become the most attractive real estate group for sellers, buyers and real estate professionals. Our marketing works time and time again and our advertising campaigns are always innovate, creative and industry pioneering.

Find out more about how you can harness CENTURY 21's marketing power and globally recognised real estate brand by calling our friendly team today on (02) 8295 0600.

We make public relations easier

It's no secret that CENTURY 21 is one of Australia's leading real estate groups in terms of media coverage and successful public relations initiatives. No matter where your CENTURY 21 office is located, our expertise in public relations can help you thrive in your location.

We invest heavily in promoting our globally recognised real estate brand, offices and agents through the most effective communication channels available. Our focus on PR means we can promote CENTURY 21 as a whole and ensure that our industry leading agents are a first choice for Australians looking to buy or sell real estate.

If you'd like to speak to us in more detail about how the CENTURY 21 brand and our public relations initiatives can directly benefit your franchise, please call us today on (02) 8295 0600.

We connect buyers and sellers to our brand

At CENTURY 21, we understand the importance of connecting with buyers and sellers across the world through social media. CENTURY 21 is connected to all the major social media platforms and we're here to give you the advice you need in order to extend your own presence in the world of social media.

Our team of writers is constantly providing fresh and relevant content across all social media platforms, including our Blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Here, we keep our franchisees updated with the latest real estate news and developments to the property market, so that they can in turn do the same on a local level.

To learn more about how our social media expertise and globally recognised real estate brand can directly benefit your CENTURY 21 office, please call us today on (02) 8295 0600.

CENTURY 21's Property Mogul game

CENTURY 21's online Property Mogul game allows players to buy, sell and manage properties of their choice. Property Mogul is a fun way to learn about the fundamentals of buying, selling and managing real estate, and allows users to build a property empire with the help of virtual agents from their local CENTURY 21 office.

If you'd like to speak to our team in more detail about CENTURY 21's Property Mogul game, please call us today on (02) 8295 0600.

For further information regarding franchising opportunities with CENTURY 21 Australia, please complete the enquiry form or call (02) 8295 0600: