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Leadership and its impact on your franchise

To lead your CENTURY 21 Real Estate franchise effectively, you need to have a vision and communicate that vision clearly to every employee.  Good leadership involves developing qualities such as honesty, intelligence and fairness, while also deflecting a few negative traits, such as those that induce fear and stress in the workplace.

Your franchise’s bottom line, level of employee satisfaction, local reputation and overall success will often stem from the style of leadership you decide to employ. Your actions, comments, expectations and guidance will have a profound impact on the behaviour of your staff and your reputation within your local community.

Today’s ideal of corporate leadership is no longer modelled on authoritarianism. Instead, leadership ideals are now increasingly based on a fusion of emotional intelligence and democracy. This modern day blend of leadership qualities has been seen to help many franchise owners and managers actively engage with their employees identifying both opportunities and potential problems in a proactive, encouraging way.

Companies that are lead poorly have been known to induce in employees feelings of helplessness, anxiety, distress and alienation from work. Remember that leadership is about being influential, which can be achieved through effective communication and engagement.

Leadership is also about inspiring and engaging people to act in the interests of their organisation. As the owner and/or manager of a CENTURY 21 Real Estate franchise, the display of sincerity, integrity, honesty and respect for all staff members will help you to motivate your agents to achieve both their own goals and the vision of the company.

Leaders must display confidence in all that they do and show a level of endurance and stamina.   Leaders must also have the perseverance to pursue goals and possess a degree of calmness when under stress. Such qualities will help you to both manage your staff and reach set goals, ensuring the success of your business. 

While everyone will have their own style of leadership, business owners and managers should try to ensure that the method chosen resonates within their particular workplace and importantly, amongst their staff.  In most businesses it is often the case that the more effective the leadership, the more efficient and productive your staff and overall business will be. 

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The art of marketing your Real Estate Franchise

In today’s competitive environment, businesses of all sizes and structures must establish effective marketing strategies to ensure success.  As a CENTURY 21 Real Estate franchise owner or manager, it is very important to clearly convey your agency’s services and abilities through various marketing tools to ensure the success of your business. 

The key to a successful marketing campaign begins with collecting the right information.  To establish the direction of your CENTURY 21 Real Estate franchise’s marketing strategy, you must do your research and understand your local community. 

This is important for two reasons.  It is essential that your marketing efforts target the right people; to achieve this you have to gain an understanding of who these people are, and the types of marketing channels that will allow you access to them.  Understanding your audience will help you identify and anticipate their needs and preferences, enabling your business to customise services accordingly. 

Encourage your staff to learn relevant facts about your area including common house and rental prices and trends, demographics, and other market happenings including planned community events.  Achieving success in your neighbourhood may be greatly assisted by your giving support to the local community. 
The act of sponsorship, of a local school sporting team for example, can often lead to business opportunities.  Such initiatives can increase your level of goodwill within the community and allow you to bond with potential customers at a more grassroots level, potentially opening many new doors in terms of possible listings and increased database numbers.  In order to leverage such opportunities however, it is important that any sponsorship and community involvement remains relevant to your agency’s services and strategy. 

In order to drive people to act, all marketing material should have a call to action – this could be as simple as a phone number to call or website to visit, or the offer of a complimentary valuation if contact is made. 

To run a successful CENTURY 21 franchise, you will need to develop a comprehensive strategy to market your real estate services.  Successful marketing will likely consist of understanding your market, communicating with this market appropriately, incorporating creative ideas and ensuring involvement with the local community. 


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Rewarding initiative

Initiative is arguably one of the most important elements to running a successful business.  Increasing the levels of initiative within your franchise can lead to increased productivity, motivation and innovation.  Fostering an environment that supports different behaviours, ideas and innovations can often help capture a competitive advantage within the market, opening new opportunities for the growth and development of your franchise. 

As a CENTURY 21 Real Estate franchise manager and/or owner it is important for you to understand the value in encouraging initiative from employees within your workplace.  In taking this route you must also realise that initiative may not always result in success – a workplace that punishes negative outcomes may end up stifling itself from both initiative and innovation.

Rewarding initiative and innovation in the workplace requires several simple steps. 

Empowering employees to solve problems and encouraging them to improve services offered to clients will often help to enhance the workplace.

Whilst encouraging employees to act with initiative, so too must you adopt a policy of open communication about the moves of employees, so as to ensure they are in keeping with company standards.  While you do not intend to hamper advancements, it is still important to manage risk and maintain appropriate boundaries. 

Different problems will generally have multiple solutions.  Encourage your employees to use their initiative to overcome hindrances, rather than coming to management for guidance all the time.  This will further their learning and appreciation for different circumstances. 

Rewarding your employees for the use of initiative and innovation can extend to benefits for the bottom line of your franchise.  Rewarding staff for good work should also build a level of respect between you and your employees.

Promoting the use of initiative and innovation within your CENTURY 21 Real Estate franchise can go a long way to ensure the success of your business.  By empowering, communicating, encouraging and rewarding your staff you are laying the foundations for a proactive workplace environment, whereby employees contribute substantially to the overall success of your franchise.

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Essential skills for CENTURY 21 Franchisees/Principals

Commonsense, competency, leadership and humility are several essential skills one must learn to be able to manage a successful CENTURY 21 agency.

You must not only be able to follow direction but also be a source of it, encouraging your employees to value and respect essential workplace skills that enhance productivity, creativity and communication within your franchise.

Whilst gaining trust and working hard are the general building blocks of a stellar career, embracing essential skills will assist the growth and development of your franchise, and your role within it, immensely.

Developing and improving the following skills may certainly help you to achieve respect, increased productivity and improved profitability within your franchise.
Be rational with your actions – thinking through decisions will help you to avoid hazardous situations. Your ability to learn, evaluate and interpret information will help assist you during difficult situations.

Become serious about your responsibilities. Show good judgement and that you are more than capable for your role within your CENTURY 21 franchise. Being able to consistently action and achieve goals will help to motivate your staff. With commonsense and competence, respect will follow.

Leaders need to have respect within their workplace to be able to successfully pursue a vision. By establishing a relentless drive towards achieving set goals and in doing so teaching and inspiring others to do the same will naturally position you as a leader. Successful leaders are humble and focused.

Whilst there may well be a set corporate structure within your office place, it is important that you as owner and/or manager encourage all staff equally, offering motivation, support and credit when due.

As you can see there is not one golden attribute that will instantly improve your business overnight. Depending on your goals, what skills are seen as ‘essential’ may well be subjective. However the aforementioned skill set is a good starting point to help you build a successful CENTURY 21 agency.

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