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Lead for success


Businesses that succeed despite adverse market conditions often have one defining factor in their success – a strong, confident leader. As a CENTURY 21 franchise owner, being able to provide this strong confident leadership may help your business to persevere and succeed, no matter the conditions the market dictates.

Even if you are a strong, natural leader, it may be worthwhile taking a step back to examine these suggestions for sharpening your leadership skill set.

1. Set high standards: good leaders set high standards, and great leaders ensure that everyone meets them. It may no longer be enough to set a standard and expect staff to meet it by themselves – as a business owner, it’s vital that you follow through with strong support for staff to be able to meet goals and standards you set;

2. Adapt quickly: being adaptable to a changing business environment is essential to success as a CENTURY 21 Franchisee. In order to be adaptable, a finger on current industry trends is essential, as well as a strong knowledge of the local, and national economy;

3. Build from the foundation: try recruiting with the frame of mind that every new recruit has to have the potential to one day run your franchise. Recruiting with this frame of mind may ensure that you recruit employees who are able to meet any challenge you throw at them.


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Planning for your staff Christmas party

With Christmas fast approaching, it may be time to start planning for that famous office tradition – the staff Christmas party. While this staple of the office calendar may have gained a less than stellar reputation in the past, with a little creativity, you may be able to create a party that’s impossible to forget, for all of the right reasons.

With this in mind, we have prepared three ideas to help spark your creativity this Christmas.

1. Try the outdoors: consider taking the office Christmas party to an unconventional location, such as the local cricket oval. Although it’s not likely that every member of your staff will be a star cricket player, a relaxed day of sports and lunch may be the perfect way to wind down after a busy year;

2. Try a family Christmas: after a busy spring selling season, staff may appreciate you making the work Christmas party a time that they’re able to share with family and colleagues. This may also help build stronger relationships between the staff in your office;

3. Try incorporating Charity: you may want to consider involving contributions to a charitable organisation as part of your festivities. One way you could achieve this is by giving all of your staff the afternoon off to help a charity, before heading to a group dinner party. Not only will you be giving back to the community, but your staff will likely arrive at your Christmas party with stories to share from their afternoon helping out.


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Effective key management


Your staff are responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of physical assets through the security of keys for properties that are under management, or for sale through your agency. Due to the high value of properties and their associated contents, these keys both need to be securely stored and easily accessible for a range of people – from tenants to tradespeople and to agents showing homes.

In the event that keys are misappropriated or fall into the wrong hands, the cost of replacing stolen items may only be outweighed by the reputational damage to your agency. With this in mind, it’s best to investigate strategies to ensure the security of these assets.

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The power of recognition


As a CENTURY 21 Principal, it’s important to recognise staff for their achievements in your franchise. Recognising staff may help ensure they stay motivated, and continue to strive for the best results for your business.

Staff may not require lavish appreciation ceremonies to feel recognised, and sometimes the simplest acts will have the most effect. In order to assist you in discovering simple ways to recognise your staff we have prepared four ideas below.

1. Recognise for an old achievement: staff could appreciate you recognising them for an achievement that they may believe has been forgotten. This doesn’t require extensive effort, and can take the form of a pat-on-the back or congratulatory statement;

2. Take notice when someone tries something new: the status quo is a powerful force in the workplace, and recognising a staff member for trying something new can help to create an environment where staff are willing to try something new to better the business;

3. Recognise for a future achievement: recognising staff for their potential can be a powerful motivator. It can be as simple as pointing out a junior employee to a partner, and recognising the talent they possess out loud;

4. Recognise for something unexpected: while a simple task like collecting the mail may be part of the person’s job, it can be powerful to recognise someone for a task they wouldn’t expect to receive recognition for completing.

Try some of these techniques out with your staff, and you may be surprised at the results for your office.

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