A New Year’s checklist for business success

The New Year is now well underway and, hopefully, it is proving to be promising and productive 2013 so far. Nevertheless, amidst the excitement of what lies ahead it can be easy to overlook some important business components – components that, although may seem relatively minor, could be essential to ensuring a happy and successful year ahead. 

As such, if you haven’t already planned for the year ahead, a New Year’s checklist may be in order. What follows are four checklist points to help you improve your business in 2013: 

1. Be a self aware leader: before you assess the performance of the team(s) around you it is important to critique your own business practices. Ask yourself: what needs improvement? Was there anything in particular that didn’t work for my business in 2012? Then, with a balanced and considered approach, weigh up the successes and shortfalls of the previous year and try to discern what lead you to both.  

2. Make your current and former clients feel valued: a real estate agency’s business is only as good as its client and referral base. That’s why it is important to consistently let your current and former clients know that they are valued. If your team didn’t focus on these relationships in 2012, now would be a great time to encourage such. To this end, perhaps send out some hand-written Happy New Year cards or an informative start-of-year newsletter; you may even want to consider calling up your former clients up to see if they have any property plans for the year ahead. Let your current and former clients know that they’re special, and that your team is always available to assist; you may be surprised at the results.

3. Conduct quarterly performance reviews: in larger offices, the need to administer regular performance feedback is often outweighed by time constraints. Nevertheless, whether you own a boutique office or a large agency, it is important to assess and appraise employee performance at regular intervals. To this end, you may want to consider holding quarterly performance reviews in addition to annual performance reviews. These do not have to be drawn-out, formal meetings; a ten minute chat every three months with key staff should suffice. Though this process might require a little more time up front, you will likely recoup time and value over the longer-term due to improved efficiencies and employee productivity.

4. Examine your marketing plan: when was the last time you updated your marketing plan? Are your marketing strategies still effective and relevant? Do you need a marketing revamp? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself at the start of each working year. Whether your existing marketing plan garnered notable success or you decide to implement a new strategy, taking the time to re-examine your marketing plan now – rather than later – will likely allow for a more sure-footed approach over 2013. 

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Sara @ FranchiseBuyer

Sara @ FranchiseBuyer wrote on 13/02/2013 2:52 AM

Perfect! This is just few but very important to consider. I think every business should have a checklist for a week or a month if they were able to do things that are need to be done. It will surely help the business. Thanks for sharing :)

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