Align with local businesses and achieve word-of-mouth success for your real estate business

There is no doubt that word of mouth can be one of the most powerful forms of marketing.  People hear about the products or services of a business from a friend, family member, colleague or associate, and due to a level of shared trust and respect will, in many cases, be more inclined to engage with said business.  

For real estate agencies operating in today’s market, there is certainly no shortage of marketing mediums.  From television, radio and online advertising to social media platforms and gamifaction, organisations have a wide variety of ways to communicate with their markets.  

Yet with such resources at their disposal, there is the potential for the art of word of mouth marketing to be lost – to the great detriment of many property companies.  The irony is that word of mouth can achieve powerful results while costing a business little.  

Many organisations can find that aligning and building relationships with other operators (both real estate and non-real estate related) in their local area can generate such word of mouth business and have a positive impact on their success.  When other companies have a personal relationship with you, the owner and/or manager of a business, and understand what it is that you do, they may be more inclined to recommend your services should the opportunity arise.  

Building relationships within your community can be as simple as talking to the owner of a local coffee shop when you purchase your morning coffee.  

It could also involve you joining a community-based professionals’ forum or Chamber of Commerce, whereby you meet with other professionals to discuss issues of relevance to the community and wider market.  

Building these relationships often gives you an opportunity to connect with people and demonstrate the type of person you are outside of your profession.  Consequently, the values that you embody in an individual sense will often be associated with the real estate organisation that you run (these might include professionalism, honesty and integrity) and encourage your local associates to recommend your firm should they come into contact with someone seeking the services of a real estate agent.  

These relationships are reciprocal and if you believe in the work that a business close by is doing, you may also see it fit to recommend their services to a friend, colleague or client.  

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