Are you Franchise Material?

For any real estate agent who would like to own their own business, buying a franchise could be an ideal option.  Joining the CENTURY 21 franchise network, which provides franchisees with education and training programs, state of the art technology, unique marketing initiatives and fantastic awards and recognition programs, has the potential to be a very rewarding move. 

Just like any major investment decision, before entering into a franchise arrangement you must ensure that the purchase of a CENTURY 21 franchise is right for you.  Taking some time to consider your personality type, how much time you wish to commit and your level of experience, will help you to determine how suited a CENTURY 21 franchise will be to your situation. 

Are you a people friendly person?
Franchisees must be good communicators.  If you are considering opening your own franchise you will be required to communicate with and manage your own staff, demonstrate sufficient people skills with your customers, successfully negotiate with people when pressured, whilst maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with the team at CENTRUY 21.

Are you a fast learner?
The success of your franchise will be heavily based on your choice of business model.  While CENTURY 21 will assist you with the set up, branding and layout of your office and provide you with ongoing support, the true success of your business will depend upon the diligence of your managers and staff. 

Are you a hard worker?
Franchisees must display a real desire and commitment to make the business work.  Although there are numerous benefits to owning a CENTURY 21 franchise, such as instant credibility of reputation and follow-on customers, if you are not willing to work hard for your new business’ success, the franchise may only go so far.  To build upon the CENTURY 21 reputation you will need to employ a ‘can do’ attitude.

Do you have enough financial stability?
The purchase of your franchise should be seen as a serious financial commitment.  As with any business, it is recommended that you have more than the franchise-prescribed budget placed to cover your living expenses and unforseen costs.

It is true that certain personal characteristics and attitudes can be vital to the success of your franchise.  However the association with a global well regarded brand like Century 21 will give you a running start. Plan well, work hard and enjoy the ride.

If you feel that a CENTURY 21 franchise could be the best move for you, please contact Franchise Development on (02) 8295 0600.

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